Japan Association for the Promotion of Foreign Language Education

JAPFLE(Japan Association for the Promotion of Foreign Language Education) was
founded as a private organization in 1991.
JAPFLEwas granted incorporation status by the Lifelong Learning Promotion Division of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, in 2003.

The objectives of JAPFLE shall be to create a secure educational environment for foreign language learners in association with private language institutions, and to promote foreign language education in Japan by cultivating international persons through the encouragement of foreign language studies as a lifelong pursuit.
  1. To promote understanding of the importance of foreign language education learner and to increase foreign language learners' motivation.
  2. To measure, evaluate, and reward learners' foreign language proficiency.
  3. To support foreign language education.
  4. To perform other activities in support of above.
Project Plan
  1. To promote understanding of the importance of foreign language education and to increase foreign language learners' motivation:
    (1) To hold lectures on "English Language Learning" and "Understanding of Different Cultures."
    (2) To organize hands-on learning activities where one can discover "the enjoyment of learning English."
    (3) To organize weekend experiential activities in English.
    (4) To provide counseling for foreign language learners.
  2. To measure, evaluate, and reward learners' foreign language proficiency.
  3. To support foreign language education.
  4. To perform other activities in support of above.
Admissions Procedure and Admissions Requirements

Part 1: Admissions Procedure

(Admissions procedure)
All applicants who wish to gain membership must submit the designated application form and other required documents to receive the approval of the permanent council. In order gain membership, applicants must satisfy the following conditions as the admissions requirements and member ethics code provide.

Part 2: Admissions Requirements

(Incorporation and Establishment)
  1. Incorporated educational facilities
  2. Private educational facilities
  3. Speciality career colleges and other educational institutions
  4. Organizations not listed above
  1. In principle, over 50% of the foreign language education department's income should come from educational activities.
  2. In principle, language educational facilities are required to have a minimum of 2 years elapse from establishment with no infractions of the ethics code, and/or unfair action towards any consumer.
  3. All foreign teachers must meet immigration control requirements and/or requirements of the Refugee Recognition Act
  4. He or she should teach a practical foreign language.
  5. The main campus of the educational facility must have a full-time administration department.
  1. Educational institutions must provide sufficient audio-visual aids, language educational materials, and textbooks for the students enrolled at the institute in question.

    Institutions must completely equip and maintain a fire prevention system and equipment in accordance with fire prevention regulations.

(Courses, Curriculum Grading)
  1. Course content, purpose, curriculum, syllabus, etc., must be clearly stated.
(Student counseling)
  1. There should be a system in place for counseling of language students.
(Instructor Qualifications)
Instructors must satisfy any one of the following requirements.
They must;
  1. Have graduated university, or have received the equivalent amount of education. (both Japanese instructors/foreign instructors)
  2. Possess certification in foreign language instruction (Japanese instructors only)
  3. Have received instruction in teaching methods appropriate to their mother language. (Foreign instructors only)
(Causes for disqualification of the institution founding committee member, school headmaster, or instructors)
  1. Disqualification will result for any foreign language educational institution founding member, headmaster, or potential instructor who falls under any one of the following restrictions.
    • Wards of legal age; people under warrant (for arrest); people with other medical/legal reasons restricting them from entering into contracts (e.g. people on parole).
    • People who have received any punishment equal to or greater than imprisonment.
    • Violators of immigration controls or the Refugee Recognition Act
    • Holders of teaching licenses who have had administrative measures taken against them within the last two years.
    • Any person who has been a member of a group or government entity on deployment in a foreign country which has committed acts of violence against the Constitution of Japan or Japanese government, any time after the institution of the Japanese Constitution.
(Class Conditions)
  1. The following items must be contractually stated and clearly delivered to the student:
    • School name, president name, address, map
    • *1) Documents detailing course content
    • *2) Documents detailing curricula
    • School entrance and application method
      *3) Documents detailing all required payments and payment methods
    • *4) Period of the course contract details
    • School holidays and public holidays to eb observed by the institution
    • Documents detailing the cooling off period
    • Documents detailing available counseling
    • Period of validity of the course contract
  1. Working regulations for all employees must be maintained and provided.
    *1) Class details
    Type of class (fixed classes, appointment classes), class times, number of classes available, learning period, number of students in a class, instructor description, etc.
    *2) Curriculum
    Course details, teaching method, level check test administration, course leveling system, etc.
    *3) Cost
    Admission fees, tuition, material cost (i.e. class material fee which in principle should not cover the materials for more than one year), facility fees, utility costs, etc.
    *4) Period of validity of the course contract
    In principle, contract should be valid for one year.
Yotsuya New Mansion 107
7-9 Honshio-cyo Yotsuya Shinjuku-ku Tokyo 160-0003
Tel: 03-3354-2157 Fax: 03-3354-2158
E-mail: zgk1991@topaz.ocn.ne.jp
URL: http://www.zengaikyo.jp
No. school name (head office) T E L
1. IAY International Academy (Sapporo) 011-281-5188
2. School for Educational Alternatives (Sapporo) 011-726-2367
3. JOY English Academy (Obihiro) 0155-33-0198
4. Heights-Center English School (Ebetsu) 011-386-6268
5. James English School (Sendai) 0120-304-911
6. Primary English School (Sendai) 022-211-6204
7. MY English School (Yamagata) 0237-43-6944
8. KIDS GARDEN (Iwaki) 0246-52-0880
9. Fukushima English Center (Fukushima) 024-534-9141
10. NEC Niigata English Center (Niigata) 025-229-2841
11. Helena English School (Tsukuba) 029-823-4622
12. PRONTEST/Bears English School (Tsukuba) 029-855-6188
13. ESPACE (Takasaki) 027-326-5330
14. Maebashi English House (Maebashi) 027-256-7200
15. Dela Cruz English Club (Saitama) 048-649-6588
16. British Culture Academy (Kawaguchi) 048-225-8992
17. IB English (Chiba) 047-324-4346
18. American Language School (Chiba) 047-407-2455
19. M.I.L. The Language Center (Chiba) 047-485-7555
20. I.K.Bridge Foreign Language Institute (Tokyo) 03-5157-2424
21. Athenee Francas (Tokyo) 03-3291-3391
22. Aeon corp. (Tokyo) 0800-111-1111
23. English Pocket (Tokyo) 03-5317-4002
24. Prime International School (Tokyo) 03-6303-0566
25. eigonojikan (Tokyo) 03-5795-4636
26. ELEC English Language Education Council, Inc. (Tokyo) 0120-39-8685
27. EP Academy (Tokyo) 03-6409-6464
28. Kanda Gaigo Career College (Tokyo) 03-3504-1356
29. Kanda Gaigo Extension (Tokyo) 03-3504-1356
30. KIFL KIDS' CLUB (Tokyo) 03-3252-3340
31. Kanwajuku (Tokyo) 03-3563-8008
32. Kensington School (Tokyo) 03-3774-8686
33. BrAsia(Tokyo) 03-4360-0061
34. SANSHUSHA (Tokyo) 03-3405-4511
35. Shane English School (Tokyo) 0120-444-407
36. SEA Shikahama English Adventures (Tokyo) 03-3897-3828
37. Shibuya Language School (Tokyo) 03-3461-8854
38. CEL Eigo Solutions (Tokyo) 03-5291-1820
40. STEP The Society for Testing English Proficiency Inc. (Tokyo) 03-3266-8311
41. Japan LL Education Center (Tokyo) 03-3266-6251
43. NES Language Schools (Tokyo) 03-6228-5360
44. NES Global Inc. (Tokyo) 0120-539-686
45. Hao Chinese Academy (Tokyo) 0120-808-484
46. Tokyo Passport Academy (Tokyo) 042-540-0109
47. Berlitz (Tokyo) 03-3589-3525
48. mpi Matsuka Phonics Inc. (Tokyo)NEWマーク 03-5302-1651
49. We (Tokyo) 03-5489-6330
50. YMS Eigokai (Tokyo) 03-3488-6700
51. MANABINO AXIS (Kanagawa) 045-843-6782
52. International School of English (Yokohama) 045-989-5236
53. eigocco club (Yokohama) 045-336-3861
54. EVERGREEN ENGLISH SCHOOL (Chigasaki) 0467-57-8159
55. littleurope (Kamakura) 0467-40-2064
56. littleasia (Kamakura) 0467-24-5970
57. Merry House (Shizuoka) 055-979-4631
58. Stella Business & Management School (Nagoya) 050-3368-8300
59. VIGOR LanguageStudio (Nagoya) 052-961-6650
60. Clover International School (Okazaki) 0564-71-4714
61. JO International Language School (Kariya) 0120-353-237
62. Global English School (Matsuzaka) 0120-61-0873
63. Apple.K Language School (Osaka) 06-6311-2244
64. Institute for International Communication, Inc. (Osaka) 06-6123-7654
65. ECC Foreign Language Institute (Osaka) 0120-086-144
66. ECC Kokusai College of Foreign Languages (Osaka) 0120-144-007
67. N.T.INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY (Osaka) 06-6346-6161
68. English School Coconut (Ibaraki) 0120-85-5572
69. English Spot (Osaka) 06-6977-2630
70. Epion (Osaka) 072-841-8800
71. Izumisano English School GiTec (Osaka) 072−464−3778
72. Modern English (Hirakata) 072-835-5259
73. Quick English School (Kyoto) 075-603-3900
74. K&F English Academy (Hiroshima) 0846-22-2948
75. SES Shunan English School (Syunan) 0120-401-805
76. Lingo School (Takamatsu) 087-831-3241
77. Evergreen (Kochi) 088-873-2244
78. OWLS Co., Ltd. (Fukuoka) 093-522-1699
79. PEKIN NIHAO CYUGOKUGO CENTER (Fukuoka) 092-714-3005
80. Kagoshima Korean School (Kagoshima) 050-1029-6484
81. Kamikawa English Scool (Kagoshima) 099-589-7777
No. company name (head office) T E L
1. AK Books (Ibaraki) 029-872-3484
2. Brain Corporation (Tokyo) 03-5775-3251
3. British Hills Co. Ltd. (Tokyo) 03-3258-5847
4. Cambridge University Press Inc. Japan. (Tokyo) 03-3511-4390
6. DAIWA COMPUTER (Osaka) 072-676-2221
7. Educating Inc. (Yokohama) 045-251-6610
8. Edvec Inc. (Yokohama) 045-226-5494
9. EF Education First (Tokyo) 03-5774-6210
10. Global Communication & Testing Co., Ltd. (Tokyo) 03-6836-0125
11. International Certification of Language Pronunciation(ICLP)(Tokyo) 03-5577-6035
12. International Students Services Co.,Ltd. (Tokyo) 03-5272-2330
13. JACCS CO.,LTD. (Tokyo) 03-5448-1311
14. Japan Settlement Information Center Ltd. (Tokyo) 03-6430-9371
15. Kojimachi Gakuen (Tokyo) 03-3263-3011
16. KYODO SEIHAN CO.,LTD. (Okayama) 086-225-2711
17. Mainichi Education Inc. (Tokyo) 03-6267-4188
18. Macmillan LanguageHouse Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)NEWマーク 03-4533-8082
19. Nellie's Ltd. (Tokyo) 03-5275-6760
20. NEW-AD Inc. (Tokyo) 03-3314-1321
21. Orient Corporation. (Tokyo) 03-5877-1111
22. Ryugaku Kyokai (Tokyo) 03-5283-8600
23. Ryugaku Journal Inc. (Tokyo) 03-5312-4421
24. SANSHUSHA Publishing Co., Ltd. (Tokyo) 03-3405-4511
25. Saxoncourt Japan Co., Ltd. (Tokyo) +44(0)2074998533
26. Temple University Japan. (Tokyo) 0120-86-1026
27. The Japan Times Ltd.The Japan Times ST (Tokyo) 03-3453-5312
28. World Family K.K. (Tokyo) 00777-88-815